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Syilx Art & Artist Exhibition

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"k'wansxismentem i? sck'lq'aq't'tet - Showing Our Artwork" Syilx Art and Artist Exhibition 2014!
To the syilx, art wasn't about who had the biggest drawing, who painted the most or how many paintings one artist created! It was what the piece meant to the individual and its relativity to the nation and/ or the viewer.


istukwukwxixtet - Path in Front of Us

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Istukwukwxixtet - the path in front of us, is a collective of professional Canadian and Chilean indigenous media artists who are joining forces to research and develop a story using a variety of platforms including visual arts, media arts, technical arts, writing, traditional knowledge and Indigenous languages.


Large Scale Fundraising Campaign

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Ullus Collective launched a capital fundraising campaign to assist with the purchase of property to locate and house "SENULLUSTEN", the Ullus Collective's artist run centre.
Senullusten translates as "a place to gather" and is the second phase of development for the ULLUS Collective.


Sponsor Ullus Collective

Sponsor an ULLUS Collective artist or art discipline, special project development or the exhibition/ dissemination of a project/ program.
Ullus accepts cash donations & the donations of quality resources: (equipment in good working condition, studio/ creation/ performance space, etc...)


Ullus Collective Project History

Ullus Collective was founded in 1979 by Dr. Jeannette Armstrong, Richard Armstrong and the late August Armstrong. In 1997 Ullus appointed Tracey Kim Bonneau Ullus Chair until 2012 where Victoria Bapiste participated in an Arts Administrator internship to become the Artistic Director of the Ullus Collective.