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Senullusten - Ullus Artist Run Centre

After the launch of two exhibitions, participation in the city of Penticton's Canada Day festivities and the hiring of its coordinators and adding the amount of community engagement and networking required ULLUS realized the office space provided by En'owkin was no longer adequate in size and availability.

As a result and thanks in a large part to the sudden increase in projects, artists and exhibitions ULLUS moved into a vacant portable building located on the Penticton Indian Reserve on Green Mountain Road on August 15, 2014.

While the building is undergoing minor renovations the facility and property will provide Ullus with the much needed space to begin operations as its own Artist run facility. Renovations are expectd to be complete on or around November 30th, 2014.

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Ullus provides the necessary infrastructure to support the ongoing activities of its members and artists. This includes: Creation & studio space, Exhibition & performance space, A fully equipped multi-media studio, A professional Art Gallery & café/ bistro& 4-5 artist residencies buildings

In 2012 ULLUS Collective developed a strategic plan which included envisioning its own Artist Run facility. While ULLUS has found a portable to run its projects and programs from, ULLUS is moving into the second phase of development finding the ideal infrastructure, location and fundraising for capital costs.

ULLUS intends to raise monies necessary to purchase/ lease lands, a facility which houses ULLUS Collective administration, creation and studio space for media and visual artists, exhibition and performance space, a fully equipped multi-media studio, a professional art gallery and café/ bistro& 4-5 artist residencies' buildings for artist residencies during the summer months and provide affordable housing for students attending the En'owkin Centre.