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  • A Long Journey Home: Life After Residential Schools

    Victoria with Founders Dr. Jeannette Armstrong and Richard Armstrong

    This exhibition features the "100 Years of Loss" exhibit by the Legacy of Hope Foundation and includes artworks from students of the Nkmip Day School in Osoyoos, BC and a series of interviews with members of the Okanagan Nation.

    The lasting affects of residential schools is not left solely left with the students of the residential schools but of Indigenous peoples of that era and the generations to follow. The following stories were included for their diversity in experiences and was intended to include as many view points to demonstrate the lasting affects of the people to the viewers. Interviewees include: Audrey Baptiste, Richard Armstrong, Hilda Belanger, Mariel Belanger, Caroline Pierre, Joey Pierre and Dorothy Ward.More

    Syilx Art & Artist exhibition

    showing our artwork syilx art and artist exhibition

    k'wansxismentem i? sck'lq'aq't'tet - Showing Our Artwork Syilx Art & Artist
    To the syilx mind art isn't about the art! It's about the life behind the art! Artworks weren't created purely for or from the imagination- each piece is a gift given to the syilx people to share their vision with the rest of the nation.

    • CURATOR: Artistic Director, Victoria Baptiste
    • ELDER/ SYILX KNOWLEDGE KEEPER: Richard Armstrong
    • PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Phyllis Isaac, BFA - Robyn Kruger, B.Ed - Mariel Belanger - Levi George - Cecilia Louis Ralston - Sheldon Louis
    • HONORARY ARTISTS: April Alexis, Ruby Alexis, Joyce Jack, Warren Hooley, Kaykaitkw Hall,

    ULLUS receives AADA grant for organizations and collectives

    Victoria with Founders Dr. Jeannette Armstrong and Richard Armstrong

    Ullus is the proud recipient of the First Peoples' Cultural Council Aboriginal Arts Development Awards for organizations and collectives to evolve ULLUS' operational base into an artist run centre.

    This grant allows ULLUS

    • Staffing for three (3) key positions:
      • Artistic Director;
      • 1 Visual Arts Coordinator &
      • 1 Traditional Arts Coodinator
    • to launch the inaugural syilx art & artist exhibition;

    Victoria Baptiste completes internship and is appointed Artistic Director

    Victoria with Founders Dr. Jeannette Armstrong and Richard Armstrong

    In 2012, Victoria Baptiste had the rare opportunity to work hands on with and under the direct guidance of the En'owkin Centre and its Executive Director
    and Finance Manager to understand the management, administration and partnering for an arts run facility. During the internship Victoria:

    • Created an operations plan, terms of reference & governance structure;
    • Developed a strategic plan, communications plan & artist/ resource database;
    • Updated Ullus to include professional Indigenous Artists of all disciplines;
    • Rebranded the collective and launched the official website!

    Call for Board Members

    Ullus Collective is currently seeking Senior-level, professional Indiegnous artists from all disciplines to become active Board Members. Board members will assist with the development and delivery of projects, programming, curriculum and production of artworks for the Ullus Collective artists.

    For more information check out the CALL FOR MEMBERS

    contact ULLUS Collective Artist Director at ulluscollective @ gmail.com

    Limlemt! Thank you!

    Become an ULLUS Artist

    In order for ULLUS to properly accommodate our artists, we ask all interested emergent, mid career and senior level professional Indigenous artists to download the application form and guidelines and return completed form to ULLUS Collective Artist Director at ulluscollective @ gmail.com

    Disciplines include (but not limited to) Visual, Media, Music, Curriculum, Performance &Traditional Art


    Limlemt! Thank you!

    Sponsor Ullus Collective

    • Special Projects/ Events Sponsor an artist/ or art discipline, special project or the exhibition/ dissemination of a project/ program.
    • Production Contribute to or Sponsor the production of artworks from all art discilpines.
    • Capacity Building Ullus accepts cash donations & the donations of quality resources: (equipment in good working condition, studio/ creation/ performance space, etc...)
    • For more info contact ULLUS Collective Artist Director at ulluscollective @ gmail.com

    Ullus Collective Links

    • En'owkin Centre The En'owkin is a dynamic institution, which puts into practice the principles of self-determination and the validation of cultural aspirations and identity.
    • OkanaganFirstPeoples.ca This web site gives others a chance to look at the syilx way of life from a traditional point of view.
    • Okanagan Nation Alliance The Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA) was formed in 1981 as the inaugural First Nations government in the Okanagan which represents the 8 member communities including the Colville Confederated Tribes in Washington, USA