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Ullus Collective History

ULLUS originated in 1982 under the Okanagan Tribal Council as the Okanagan Indian Curricululm Project and produced two short dramatic features films, "First People" (1982) and "First Contact" (1983). he Okanagan Indian Curriculum Project provided media arts training through the productions of video and audio recording, allowing participants the opportunity to both experience hands on training in broadcasting for film and television and audio recording industries and became the foundation for the collective's beginnings. Founded by siblings Jeannette Armstrong PhD., Richard Armstrong and August Armstrong ULLUS Collective established itself as the video production company and Nak'ulamn Productions produced audio cassette recordings and tapes and eventually radio of live events and gatherings within the Southern Interior of BC.

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Syilx Art & Artist Exhibition

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 ULLUS launched its inaugeral "k'wansxismentem i? sck'lq'aq't'tet - Showing Our Artwork" Syilx Art and Artist Exhibition at the En'owkin Centre in Penticton, BC. The show featured the works of six professional syilx artists, two youth artists, the En'owkin Centre Archives and Senklip Native Theatre Archives.


A Long Journey Home

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 the Penticton Museum & Archives launched a private viewing of its "A Long Journey Home: Life After Residential Schools" featuring the "100 years of loss" exhibit from the Legacy of Hope Foundation and the ULLUS Collective Media Arts installation featuring interviews with syilx elders.


SENULLUSTEN - A Place to Gather

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SENULLUSTEN is the future of ULLUS Collective and is the "place to gather" for ULLUS artists and members. The facility will house an art gallery and bistro, provide exhibition/ performance space, professional arts/ media/ recording studios with professional equipment and 4-5 in-house artist residencies.


The ULLUS Collective News & Archives

News Stories, Articles, Blogs and the written word of the events, activities, happening and programming of Ullus Collective and its artists.

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ULLUS part time coordinators

In an effort to increase the visual and traditional artists on our roster, we hired two part-time coordinators during the summer of 2013. Robyn Kruger, BA/ B.Ed, Visual Arts Coordinator and Kaykaitkw Hall, Traditional Arts Coordinator.