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Welcome to the official Ullus Collective webspace!

Ullus live performance of Raven and Magpie

ULLUS is a collective of professional Indigenous artists supporting the creation, development and dissemination of Indigenous art, practices and disciplines to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal audiences.

ULLUS is a word translated from the Syilx Language and is translated as “a gathering of people for a common purpose” and represents the necessary cohesion of artists to advance the Indigenous arts to mainstream audiences.

Ullus Collective is governed by Collective Members, established senior level professional artists, providing direction, guidance and support to the Artistic Director in the areas of programming, project and curriculum development for the Ullus Collective Artists. ULLUS Artists are youth, emergent, mid-career and established indigenous artists practicing and developing their crafts.


ULLUS provides resources and support toward the creation, development and dissemination of works by professional Indigenous Artists to advance the identification of BC Interior Indigenous Arts amongst its peers and general public as a recognized arts practice.


Ullus provides the necessary infrastructure to support the ongoing activities
of its members and artists. This includes:

  • Creation and studio space,
  • Exhibition and performance space &
  • Quality, professional resources and equipment;
  • A professional Art Gallery & café/ bistro &
  • 4-5 artist residencies buildings


Ullus is committed to upholding Indigenous cultural protocols in all areas
including: organizational development, artistic direction & expression and
community outreach. By utilizing traditional worldviews, ULLUS promotes
Indigenous Artistic expressions, practices and Identity.

By launching professional Indigenous arts products & programming ULLUS, with
like-minded individuals, will establish the direction towards building a sustainable
and thriving Indigenous arts community within the BC Interior.